Germany Travel Tip – Get Pampered at Taunus Therme in Bad Homburg

In case the German weather gets in the way or just for a day of pampering, we recommend the Taunus Therme in Bad Homburg. This is a family oriented day spa which comprises lots of warm and heated thermal pools inside/outside, whirlpools, and a large sauna world. However, they offer much more. From massage, wellness programs etc. you can pamper and treat yourself nicely. They have even a small movie theater inside that you can use to relax.

After Taunus Therme there are many nice restaurants available and fine shopping close by in downtown Bad Homburg around the “Kurpark” area. To explore the area drive with your car and park it in the “Kurhaus” public parking structure, located at Schwedenpfad 1. From there you can walk into Louisenstrasse which has lots of shops and restaurants.

The nearby Seedammbad (located on the opposite street side of Taunus Therme) is also fun for your kids with is animated wave pool.

To get the ultimate pampering experience in Bad Homburg you HAVE to visit the Kur Royal Spa at the Kaiser Wilhelm Therme. Set in Bad Homburg’s old Kurpark and in one of the city’s oldest buildings this spa offers a variety of services. It is located not far away from Taunus Therme (take a left on Seedammweg onto Weinbergsweg, then follow that street around the Kurpark until you see the sign for it, take a left turn onto their parking structure.)

Ticket prices are Monday to Friday per person 12.50 Euro for 2 hours and 17 Euros for 4 hours. A ticket for the whole day costs 24 Euros per person (Monday – Friday).

Pricing on weekend is 14.50 Euros for 2 hours, and 19 Euros for 4 hours, day pass is 26 Euros.

Try to keep track of your time well, since extension time is expensive (1 Euro per additional 15 minutes.)

Openings times are typically 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day. We recommend to get a 4 hour ticket. This is typically plenty of time to get started. If you really enjoy it and have the time take the day ticket for a full day of relaxation. If you’re in a rush – they offer also 2 hour tickets.

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